What I’m thinking right now

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New goal: Start a monthly creativity club

not, I stress, a book group. No, I struggled to work out what to call this. But what I envision is a monthly group of like-minded people all who have things vaguely within the broad category of culture, that they can’t just do with their everyday friends. 12 people, monthly meetings. Each month one person suggests the activity, so you get to run one meeting a year.

The activity would be anything, from all reading a shakespeare play together, to body painting each other. The only rules:

1. it needs to be somehow creative. “let’s all have sex together” doesn’t count. “Let’s all have sex together on mescaline and film it, and edit the film to hide our faces and put it on Youtube” might, feasibly.

2. Nothing unsafe or involving cruelty to a member, even consensual.

3. You announce no less than a week in advance what your “activity” is. People can come or not come. But if you turn up, you take part.

4. Nothing that costs a fortune. Any activity costs to be split evenly between participating members.

This sounds more like the setup for a film than real life, but, hey. The best ideas do.

This, more than any, is something I cannot do alone. So if you’re interested, get in touch.