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New goal: sleep in on the weekends

This might sound odd, given that I’m trying to be more productive. But my social life does cause me to go out late on Friday and Saturday nights and, though I don’t like staying out till dawn like I used to, I’m not ready to start going home from a party at midnight either. I’ve perfected the art of staying in during the week, and when the weekend comes I want to reward myself.

The problem is that I tend to wake up at 9.30am or so the next day, often leaving me with only 4-5hrs sleep. This leaves me grumpy and hungry all day. It’d be much better to sleep till noon, wake up rested, and still get things done in the afternoon.

So how to do it? My unscientific answer, for now, is: medicate. Nytol seems to ensure I sleep a good eight hours, even if I go to bed very late. In the long run, I’d like that to be unnecessary, and I think cutting down on caffeine when I’m out will help. But for now, that seems to work.