What I’m thinking right now

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The concentration situation didn’t improve. It was a fight all afternoon to get anything done. Then I did my absolute classic – at about five pm I just drifted off onto the internet, reading about the financial crisis. I didn’t leave work till 8pm, having not achieved about an hour of serious work since lunchtime. 

How can it be this hard to concentrate? And why is it so hard to concentrate on something that you’re not supposed to be working on, even if it’s quite hard going, rather than something you’re supposed to be looking at? It’s like the most boring task in the world immediately becomes attractive just because it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing.


Oh GOD, I can't concentrate.

Like, AT ALL. In the morning, I am basically quite productive. In the afternoon, it’s like I’m drunk. It’s a constant battle to get focussed and to stay focussed. My job isn’t fascinating, but it’s not boring enough to justify it being a complete struggle to stay awake from 2-6pm every day.

I’ve tried having lunch later, and that reduces the damage. But I can’t stop for lunch at the end of the day or I’d collapse. Maybe it’s what I’m doing at lunchtime – usually running around doing errands. Maybe I should do what other people do, and do that stuff on Saturday. Spend my lunchtime just sitting somewhere eating lunch (I know – radical) and resting my brain.

I’ll try that for the next few days and see if it improves things.