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20 Day Challenge: day 20

Yep. Did so. FAIL. But overall,

P A S P1030597 Exclamation bag


20 Day Challenge: days 18-19



woo hoo! I cannot fail! tomorrow I’m just going to sack off i suspect.

20 Day Challenge: day 17

Shit. I have one fail left, 20 minutes’ work to do today, and I need to leave.

This is a serious breach, but I’m going to do some proof-reading in bed later in order to PASS. I don’t want to lose that last fail yet.

I’m starting to cut this a bit fine, really.

20 Day Challenge: day 16

FAIL. Defeated by the Friday funs.

20 Day Challenge: day 15


20 Day Challenge: day 14

best ever PASS

(still didn’t get done half of what I needed to, though)

20 Day Challenge: day 13

pfpfpffpffff. this is probably, technically, a fail. but it depends on how tightly i want to define “work”. i mean, i did three hours fine, but the afternoon has featured a lot of filing interviews, ticking things off the to-do list, and generally just getting things up to speed. I don’t think I’m really supposed to count those towards the 4.5.

But some days there actually isn’t time for writing. Sometimes this stuff – checking things with colleagues, etc – has to be done. And it all relates to the core projects I’m working on, which was supposed to be the gold standard. It wasn’t personal, for the most part, and it wasn’t just general vaguely-work fannying. it did need doing.

So, with mild guilt (and mindful of the fact I only have one fail left), I’m calling this a qualified PASS.