What I’m thinking right now

Soya milk henge

A few weeks before she died, Mum tried a dairy-free diet. She had heard that Japanese women have extremely low instances of breast cancer because of their low dairy consumption. Part of this, of course, was a complete reliance on soya milk- on cereal, in tea, in soup. A man came to the door one day and offered to deliver soya milk once a week. He said to try the first one for free. So she did, and he brought another one the next week.

Of course, she was miserable. She stopped drinking tea, the only time i’d ever known her to. And she was losing weight dangerously fast. Her nurse ordered her to go back to dairy to help slow the weight loss. There was no real evidence, she said, that dairy was linked to cancer.

Just a few weeks later, Mum was dead. Since then we’ve been back to her house every week, going through her things, sorting out paperwork. And every week, outside her door, we find a carton of soya milk. No-one knows how to contact the guy. He’s never been paid. And we just have an ever-growing pile of a dead woman’s soya milk.


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