What I’m thinking right now

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This is about food.

I should probably post about food all the time. But though it’s a very important part of my life – and, to be honest, excessive consumption of it will probably one day play a significant role in my death – it’s not something I actually think seriously about all that often. I think about it in the sense of not being able to stop thinking about those chocolate doughnuts they sell in the bikers’ cafe across the road until I finally crack and go and buy one. But I don’t think about it in the sense of thinking seriously about the role it plays in my life, and the effects different foods have on my life.

Until recently, anyway. One of my new year’s ressies was to give up eating between meals. Three large meals a day, I reasoned, would work out healthier than small meals and snacks because they’d naturally contain healthier things (when was the last time you sat down for a proper dinner that included a packet of crisps? And when was the last time you popped out for a snack and came back with a bowl of spinach?)

And it started well, kind of. But the urge to snack didn’t really go away, and I didn’t lose much weight. I basically couldn’t believe how much I had to eat to avoid being hungry again a couple of hours later. Mornings are particularly bad. I have, however, made some progress in beefing up my meals to prevent my wanting to snack. For breakfast, I now have a poached egg on toast, prompting much amusement from my colleagues as I delicately poach my egg in the microwave and then curse that it’s overcooked. Then I have a smoothie of banana, milk, yoghurt and half a weetabix. I had to take a blender in to work! It’s all a massive hassle, but it does generally seem to mean I’m full till lunch.

The trick then is stopping and having lunch on time. Often I’m ravenous at about 12, but by one I’m not that hungry again; I’ll go out to run an errand before eating, and of course break and buy some crisps or chips or something at lunchtime.

So I’m going to redouble my efforts but focus not just on eating three meals a day, but at regular times. This I hope will get me acclimatised to not eating every bloody hour.