What I’m thinking right now

My New Year's Resolutions

This is, I suppose, a blog about self-improvement. And what better ritual of self-improvement is there than the good old New Year’s Resolution? Seeing as I had life-changing news over Christmas, it seems especially appropriate to see the new year as a new start.

  1. No eating between meals. This is the “main” one. The hope is that, while this won’t immediately mean I eat less, it’ll make my relationship with food much more controlled and healthy.
  2. No smoking. I mean, this is a non-brainer really: my mother is dying of cancer of the throat.
  3. No pissing about at work (see “productivity” posts)
  4. Get a boyfriend. Or, at least, try to get a boyfriend.
  5. Get a new job. Or, at least, try to get a new job.
  6. Always get the stairs at work.
  7. Weigh myself every day.

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