What I’m thinking right now

At it again

After a bit of a truce, I’m taking up the war against timewasting once again. I’ve found that it’s at the start of my magazine’s ludicrous three-month production cycle (ie, now) that I get furthest behind.

One change I’ve made is to set up a second screen with a large-font task list constantly visible. This makes it a little easier to stay focused. But I’m having trouble keeping it up to date as tasks morph and priorities change.

In the last few days I’ve noticed something else. It’s getting settled down to work that’s most problematic – in the morning, and again after lunch. Often I don’t get a think done before 11, after an hour in the office; then the first hour or so is a battle to concentrate. Then after lunch, again I can find myself surfing the internet again till three or even four. By contrast, in the hour before lunch and late in the day I’ve usually hit my groove, only to have it interrupted by lunchtime and/or hometime (or worse, I stay late).

Not sure what the solution is yet.


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