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20 day challenge: day three


So today was supposed to be the first absolutely, down-the-line, to-the-plan day: short breaks, a sensible lunch, etc. And the morning went fine, I had a slightly extended first break because of chatting to a colleague but nothing serious.

But lunch! I think overall keeping lunch stops to no more than 90 minutes is the biggest issue for me – even more so than getting started in the mornings, though that’s bad. Today I had some errands to run. Nothing complex, buy a birthday card, get a book from the library. Then when I came back I wanted to look up buying some new contact lenses on the internet. By the time all this was done, I swear, over three hours had gone by.

How do other people get all their stuff done in an hour? The upshot was, though I did my 4.5, I broke the 7pm rule again. So it’s a qualified pass, but really, I want to nail this properly tomorrow. Perhaps it’s better to allow 2 hours for lunch and stick to it then to allow 90 minutes and, well, not?


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