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20 Day Challenge!

In something of a desperate attempt to kick-start my worktime productivity, I’ve set myself a challenge. Somebody told me once that it takes three weeks for new things to become a habit, so just to be safe I’ve gone for a four-week challenge: from tomorrow, Friday February 22, to teh day before the Easter break, Thursday March 20 (that’s 20 working days, see?).

The challenge? To do 4.5 hours of work per day. I know, doesn’t sound ambitious, right? But I should be clear that this means actual work, moving me towards completing one of my core projects. Not a host of general tasks that come under the general rubric of work, like tidying my desk or chatting to the boss about films. Actual work. This, sad as it is to admit, is an ambitious target compared to my recent productivity.

What I don’t want to have happen, though, is that I piss about all day and wind up in the office till 9pm every day meeting the goal. So there are two sub-goals: I must always start work by 10am, and be finished by 7pm. This, the mathematicians amongst you will notice, still means I only have to work for half my time in the office. If I don’t manage to do it in these constraints, the day is a fail. Although it’s not a firm goal, there’s a guideline that I should get three of the 4.5 hours out of the way before lunch – I’m so much less productive after that.

To win the challenge, I have to meet all three goals for fifteen of the next 20 work days. Again, a generous target. And the incentive? Well, some part-time freelancing I’m doing is going to bring in some money in the next few weeks. If I fail, I have to use it to pay down my overdraft. But if I succeed, I get to spend it on this:

Incentivising, eh?

So I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes. It’s achievable, but challenging. I’m excited to get started.


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