What I’m thinking right now

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This is NOT going well

This is ridiculous. I am completely unable to focus at work.

I’ve only been back for two days after Christmas. I was exhausted yesterday, having failed to get to bed early New Year’s Day evening. But I managed to dodge my way past the multiple distractions of the office – the chatty colleague; the endless opportunities to make drinks, eat toast, go to the toilet, and repeat the cycle; four floors of colleagues eager to talk about their Christmas break; and, of course, the internet. I had a mountain of work to climb, and I somehow managed to grit my teeth and get on with minimal grunting to all around. One internet break(down) in the afternoon, that lasted about 45 minutes, was the only serious blip.

Today I came in late, having slept in determined to get a proper night’s rest.  I once again had oodles to do, and was determined to improve on the yesterday’s concentration level. But I still spent about 45 minutes when I first arrived making breakfast and noodling around. Then about an hour later the boss summoned us in for a meeting and proceeded to talk about modernism for an hour, which while enjoyable left me seriously behind.

And yet, I just couldn’t focus. I made lunch. I did a bit of work. I surfed a little (looking for last night’s writerless Leno). I did a bit more work. I went downstairs to run an errand, and came up 45 minutes later having caught up with the Christmases of the entire second floor. Later, I argued with the argumentative guy on my floor.

How does anyone get anything done in an open-plan office? I’m serious. There’s a small unused office on my floor and a spare PC lying around. I’m seriously considering setting the PC up in the office, sans network connection, and just holing up there. But would I manage to kill an hour staring out of the window?