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Goal: Throw a paint party

years ago I saw a tremendous theatre show / party – thing. It was basically a bunch of people making animal noises and throwing paint around. But way, way better than that sounds.

And I was thinking, London needs a paint party. A big one. Get a warehouse, cover the walls with sheets, get everyone into some overalls, or better still, into nothing much; have some music, some dancing, some running around; then just bring out the paint and start throwing it around.

It’s hard to explain why it’s so cathartic – I think because it’s so flexible. If all you want to do is throw globs of (non-toxic) paint at your friends, you can. If you want to try to daub a masterpiece on the wall, you can do that too. If you want to daub a masterpiece on your best friend’s chest, even.

This should, by rights, be thoroughly achievable. It just requires (a) a warehouse, (b) loads of paint and (c) an audience. This must be doable.

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2 Comments on “Goal: Throw a paint party”

  1. whit says:

    heeey my name is whit and i want to throw a paint party for my birthday. sadly, i dont have a warehouse handy, but i was wondering if you have any ideas on how to format this paint party to my back yard. possible?

  2. Breezy Queasy says:

    Hi Whit! Hmm, I don’t have any clever ideas off the top of my head. In many respects it’s a much better idea, rain would likely clean up most mess made so you wouldn’t need to put up any tarps or anything.

    The one main bugbear I can think of is that paint parties lend themselves to the wearing of relatively little clothing, and in winter (assuming it’s soon and in the northern hemisphere) that might just be too cold. I guess you could tell your guests to wear old tracksuits etc.

    Let me know how it goes if you go ahead, and take some pictures! Good luck!

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